BIOHAZARD Now that I had a running and leak free machine, time to get windows installed and make the acrylic side panel. I used 5 mm thick clear acrylic for this and sank magnets in to acrylic, this will be used to hold the panel to the chassis. I polished the edges and made an [...]

By | October 26th, 2016|

BIOHAZARD Biohazard was created 4 years ago when my partner purchased a new case for my personal build. She had it all carbon fibred for me. it came to a day that it had to be modified and the project began. SPECS Gigabyte Z170x gaming 5 motherboard Intel 6700k cpu Corsair lpx 3000mhz ram,32 [...]

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Glacier came to light when Thermaltake launched the Core P3 snow edition case, I've seen many a core p3 and p5 mounted next to each other, but never stacked vertically on top of each other. so the design came to life, and my vision became reality. I would like to thank my sponsors on this project:- Alphacool  [...]

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