Biohazard was created 4 years ago when my partner purchased a new case for my personal build. She had it all carbon fibred for me.

it came to a day that it had to be modified and the project began.


Gigabyte Z170x gaming 5 motherboard

Intel 6700k cpu

Corsair lpx 3000mhz ram,32 gig

Asus strix gtx 980ti oc edition

500 gb Samsung evo pro m.2

2 x 480gb Kingston hyper x 3k ssd

3 x 1TB Samsung evo 850 ssd

3 x 4TB western digital red HD.

Corsair AX 1200i psu

custom cables by Shakmods.

now the components were sorted, it was time to order the watercooling kit

XSPC Photon D5 res/pump combo

EK supremacy evo cpu block

EK plexi gtx 980 ti strix gpu block

Alphacool xt 45 240mm rad and a xt45 120 mm rad

all tubing is 12/16 from EK

and the fittings are barrow anodised red.

Thermaltake riing 120mm fans x 5

now we had the watercooling sorted, time to make this rig pretty again……

first thing that had to go was the mountain of hard drive cages, out they came and this gave me a blank space to plan the build.

and now time to make a psu shroud and get the jigsaw of acrylic pieces fixed in.

time for a rad and res mock up, to see what room im working with.

Had some goodies turn up from EK

Now that was sorted, time for the acrylic motherboard tray yo go in and start mounting some hardware


Now that I had the hard line tubing nailed down, time for a drop of the wet stuff .I’ve used the Mayhems pastel red for this.